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Bakken Roll Radio is the Brain child of Comedian Eric "Puddin" Lorentzen. Puddin came from the Pacific North West. Born and Raised in the Seattle area. Spending the last eight years doing comedy talk radio and a throw back show called 70`s Sound Machine. Puddin moved to Williston in 2019.  He noticed the need for new and exciting radio in the Williston/Bakken area.. That is exactly what Bakken Roll Radio is! Everything you want to hear with a comedic twist. From Classic Rock to country with a bit of everything in between. From old to new. Also original shows from broadcasters around the country and Europe. Listen to Bakken Roll Radio. Unless you hate to have fun. Or you`re dumb. Or maybe you`re illiterate. I mean I`m not saying you`re dumb, but if you dont listen either you can`t read what I`m saying right now or... You`re dumb. Maybe you should be tested. We know a brain Doctor. We can help. For more information about the brain Doctor, tune in to Oh, also If you don`t. Puddin will date your mom. The dates with your mom will be announced on Bakken Roll Radio ,but you won`t even know because of the dumb thing. 

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